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Here at LilWarriors we believe there are too many rules in the world and people take things way too seriously.


At LilWarriors we’re using a whole lot of common sense and only necessary rules to guide our facility. 

Applying a common sense approach at our facility assists parents, guardians and care givers to teach their children the impact their and their child’s actions, attitudes & behaviour has on others, how to respect & follow rules and be respectful of others.  Wow! That sounds official. Here’s what it boils down to…

LilWarriors Common Sense Guide (aka Rules)

We’re an unsupervised indoor playground.


Parents, guardians, care givers are responsible for accompanying & supervising their child(ren). You’re responsible for your LilWarriors safe use of our facility at all times, including birthday parties!


We’re not responsible for injuries caused by unsafe or careless use of the equipment or facility. For example, that would mean kids should go down slides feet first and one at a time, not head first or like a bobsled team.


We’re parents too. We totally get there are days you’d love to ship them off to boarding school or send them home with someone else. The day you visit LilWarriors, isn’t that day though.


Heck we shouldn’t have to repeat any of this safety stuff here because we know you’ve read the waiver in full that you signed prior to visiting our facility.


So we’d love for you to join in the playground fun to Connect. Unleash & Be Well, but at minimum please look up from your electronics every few minutes. Even your chiropractor will thank us!

We DO NOT allow restaurant food in our facility. We DO allow water bottles, coffee/tea or 1 drink per person.

We’re a peanut/nut aware facility, not nut free. Small home packed snacks & home packed lunch items may be brought in. No restaurant food, including muffins, donuts, tim bits, pizza, burgers etc.


Of course baby formula and pureed baby food are allowed. We don’t want to see our littlest warriors go hungry!

Absolutely no cake, cupcakes, cake pops, muffins or anything that would suggest a party or birthday party unless you have a booked party.

Guests ignoring or abusing our food policy will be asked to leave without refund.


And if we weren't clear enough...Birthday parties are by advanced booking only! NO singing Happy Birthday, gift opening, gift exchange, birthday cake cutting unless you have a booked party room.

To ensure we provide the best service for our parties, we don’t allow any group big or small to have a birthday party or any type of celebration without making an advanced reservation.


You know how the song goes… every party has a pooper and that pooper is … well us! We admit, we’re the pooper when it comes to walk-in birthday parties, piñatas, silly string or confetti. Walk-in parties will have the option to upgrade to our plan-your-own-party package, though we won't be able to guarantee use of the party area. We appreciate that you save piñatas, silly string or confetti kind of messes for your house!


And no food, drinks, gum or candy in the play areas and no toys on the playground.


Seriously. Nothing to eat or drink in the play areas. And please don’t rest drinks on ledges ESPECIALLY to the toddler area. Our littlest LilWarriors cover themselves in enough bodily fluids that they don’t need to accidentally get covered in hot or cold liquids or any other food.


The play areas are for playing, the concession area seating & party rooms are for eating. Can’t make it any simpler than that.


Socks only. For everyone. Including adults.


Indoor playgrounds are socks only facilities, for everyone, yes this includes adults! This means once you pass through our magical entry gate socks are required at all times. We have brand new socks for sale at a nominal charge if you've forgotten yours. We don't rent socks and we don't reuse socks. That's just gross! Seriously folks you need socks to go bowling, you need socks to enter our facility whether you're playing on the playground or not!


Socks mean socks. Not shoes, not slippers, not bare feet, not trampoline socks, not grip socks. Stinky feet or holes in your socks? Don’t worry. We won’t judge, much.


Like your mother used to say, wear clean underwear, we’d love for you to wear clean socks! We have socks available to purchase if you forget yours, yours have so many holes you’re embarrassed to be seen or yours are so stinky they’re trying to walk away from you.


Visit us another day if your child is sick.


We know our facility is a super fun time. And we totally get it that your LilWarrior has been dying all week to come but if they’re sick, they’re sick. Our motto is Connect. Unleash & Be Well. We want all of our LilWarriors to feel awesome during and after they visit. That's really hard to do if you're physically sick.

While we love seeing your LilWarriors smiling face, we’d hate for other parents to judge you for your LilWarriors dangling nose drippings or glistening cough droplets floating through the air. So please save your visit for another day if your LilWarriors isn't well.

We’re not responsible for lost or stolen items.


LilWarriors exists to inspire kids, friends and family to Connect. Unleash. & Be Well. We’re not the police and we're not detectives. If you’re worried about something being lost or stolen lock the item in a locker (if you didn’t bring a lock with you, we have some available at a nominal charge) or leave it in your vehicle OR better yet… leave the item at home.

Right to refuse admittance & right to ask you, your child or your guests to leave.


Hey we’re all here for a good time. Ambassadors of Fun are promised a safe, respectful work environment and our guests are promised the same.


We reserve the right to refuse admittance. We reserve the right to ask you, your child or any of your guests to leave if any equipment is being used improperly; your child is sick, anyone's actions or behaviour is unsafe, disrespectful or just isn’t using plain old common sense.


As the saying goes it only takes one bad apple to ruin the bunch. And since we love apples, (especially if it’s in pie form!) we absolutely don’t want to ruin the bunch. So if a bad apple or two has to be removed we will. Really? Who purposely wants to ruin apple pie? Definitely not us.



Activities & Equipment

Ready for the list of things to do while at LilWarriors? No seriously, it’s a long list! In fact if you can recite the entire list of activities in order from memory we’ll give you bragging rights!


4 level spiral slide, triple wave slide, rock climbing wall, sports court, speed slide, hump slide, trolley glide, monkey bars, t-tube climb, moonwalk, web switchback, noodle maze, punch bags, web elevator, triple t-tube crawl with lookout domes, balance beam, elbow crawls, zig zag run, horizontal rollers, tube crawls, ball jam, clubhouse, 40’ talking tube, spiral stairs, zig zag stairs, bumper buoy, flip flap, gigantic soft play crawls, seesaw, rocking horses and more


We’re super excited to have purchased a Canadian manufactured playground structure to ensure your peace of mind & your kids safety and comfort are at the forefront of your experience with us. Our equipment was designed and installed to meet or exceed North American ASTM Standard Safety Guidelines for Indoor Soft Contained Play Equipment.


Toddler Warriors under 40", ages 0 to 4 enjoy a large dedicated play area with soft climbs, dragon rockers, smart stages crawl around cars, big waffle blocks, rocking horses, slides, playhouse and more where they can have fun and get some exercise.


Your entrance fee is good for one full day of utterly exhausting play! Stay and play as long as your LilWarrior can last or ask for your same day re-admittance stamp/wristband on your way out so you can come back later the same day!


We have LOADS of FREE parking. Including Bus parking.


To keep your socks clean & little toes safe strollers are not allowed in the facility and should be left outside or in your car.


All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges. 


For safety reasons, adults (18+) and teens (13+) must be accompanied by a child to visit LilWarriors.


We’re open 7 days a week for public play, party and event bookings! We only close on rare occasions, check out our Facebook page for details.


All guests (yes, that means you again adults!) must complete a wavier, which remains active for 1 year. LilWarriors under the age of 18 must have their parent or legal guardian sign their waiver, which can be easily be done ahead of time online. In fact if you sign your waiver ahead of time and you have an annual membership you’ll be able to virtually by pass the lines!


Facility, Safety, Inspections & Cleaning


Our Ambassadors of Play do an entire-facility check daily to ensure all equipment is clean and safe. For example, all of our electrical outlets are tamper resistant. If we happen to miss something please be sure to let any one of our Ambassadors know or stop by our front counter. We’ll get on any safety and cleanliness issue right away.

We keep our facility temperature set around 19 degrees even in the winter. Trust us 19 may feel a little cool if you're sitting around, it's NOT cool enough for those LilWarriors & parents running around having a blast!

Concession & Food


We’re not a full service restaurant or even a fast food joint but we still have lots of tasty food options including a variety of hot, cold & pre-packaged foods and snacks.


Check out Book Your Party for answers to your FAQ’s

Day Camps & PA Days

Check out Camps & Babysitting for answers to your FAQ’s

Date Nights


Check out Camps & Babysitting for answers to your FAQ’s

Donation Requests

LilWarriors is a proud member of the local communities surrounding Stoney Creek. We're involved in many local fundraisers and events and receive many, many (did we mention many?) donation requests each and every week. 


So we do not accept donation requests however we do FUNdraisers for not-for-profit & recognized youth groups of 30 kiddos or more! See FUNdraisers below for details.



LilWarriors does EASY PEASY FUNdraisers! Available Mon, Tues, Wed evenings for not-for-profit elementary schools & recognized youth groups with 30 kiddos or more attending!

  1. Pick a date.

  2. Submit your date request.

  3. Promote your LilWarriors FUNdraiser event.

  4. Host/attend your event.

  5. Receive a cheque within 2 weeks of the event.

Easy peasy lemon squeezey!

Employment Opportunities


Want to be able to tell people you GET PAID TO PLAY?

Do you ♥ LOVE ♥ being in a position to make someone's day extraordinary?

Serving the Hamilton/ Stoney Creek/ Niagara area our Family Entertainment Centre is on the hunt for Rock Star team members.

UberWarrior wants to meet you, if you:

  • Are a high energy individual who loves working with people

  • Enjoy delivering WOW experiences to guests through AMAZING service

  • Are outgoing, energetic & like to have respectful fun

  • Are reliable. Your team members & our guests depend on you!

  • Enjoy being part of a high performing team

  • Take pride in attention to details & are willing to go the extra mile

  • Like to play hard & work smart

  • Are a clear oral communicator

  • Aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty when needed

  • Value being trusted to take on responsibility

  • Enjoy ensuring guests have an EPICLY AWESOME experience


You’ll want to meet us, if you are looking for:

  • A FUN, down to earth, growing workplace

  • A team-oriented organization

  • An employer that values health & safety for its employees

  • A company that stakes its reputation on the quality of its work

  • The ability to learn & grow into new roles

  • A team that prides itself on being friendly, professional & respectful

  • Opportunity to grow your skill set, abilities & capacity

  • A work environment & role that you look forward to every shift



Here’s a sample of what you will be doing on our team of Rock Star Coaches, Referees / Party Pros:


  • Coach guests on how to participate in our activities in a safe manner

  • Referee various game modes

  • Be a party pro by ensuring hosts are able to enjoy their party too

  • Assist hosts in selecting the right booking options for their EPIC party

  • Ensure the facility stays clean & safe


Requirements of our Rock Star Performers:

  • MUST be available most Fri evenings, Saturday's & Sunday's days &/or evenings

  • MUST be reliable & have reliable transportation, we’re not on a bus route

  • Have or be willing to obtain Smart Serve certification within 2 weeks of starting


Interested? To apply submit ONE outstandingly creative resume or cover letter.

We can’t wait to hear from you!


Connect. Unleash. Be Well.


360 Lewis Road, Unit 1

Stoney Creek, ON L8E 5Y7

We can't always hear or get to our phone


* press 1 for the front desk


Best & fastest way to get in touch with us:



Mon                9:30 am - 2 pm

Tues               9:30 am - 2 pm

Wed               9:30 am - 2 pm

Thurs **        9:30 am - 2 pm

Fri                 9:30 am - 8 pm

Sat                  10 am - 8 pm

Sun             10 am - 5:30 pm

** Thurs's before a PA day open 9:30 am to 8 pm

Mon to Thurs evening parties available.


Check our Facebook page pinned post for all opening/closing hour exceptions


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Don't forget!

We're a socks only facility.

All guests, including adults,

MUST wear socks only past our entry gate. Trampoline socks or grip socks are NOT permitted.

 * For your convenience, socks are available for purchase.

Sign your waiver now for faster admission.

Adults (18+) must be accompanied

by a child under 12.

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